5 Easy Steps for Shipping Anything to Regal

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5 Easy Steps for Shipping Anything to Regal

Sending us a part or tools is simple. The details and information are really important. If you’re sending a part and would like us to recommend a tap, drill or end mill, tell us the condition of the material, the machine you plan to use and the issues you want to address. Then follow the steps below.

Whether you or your customer is experiencing a problem, or you just want to return a Regal product, please follow these easy steps to streamline your return process.

Step One (Distributors skip to Step Two): Customers can send a part directly to us if you wish, however having a distributor involved will simplify the process. If you’re returning Regal tools, you will need to contact your distributor (of which the original purchase was made) to explain the situation and request to return the product.
Step Two: The distributor will call or email Regal to request a Return Goods Authorization (RGA) form with the purchase order number and the end users reason for return. A customer service representative from Regal will then email the distributor the RGA. If the reason for return has to do with a failure or malfunction of the tool, a Nonconforming Tool Application Information Questionnaire will also be emailed with the RGA.

Step Three: The distributor will forward the RGA and the questionnaire to the customer.

Step Four: The customer should print the RGA, verify its accuracy, and, if included, also complete the questionnaire. *

Step Five: After the above steps are completed, place the part or tools, RGA, questionnaire, and any additional information inside of a box and send to the address listed on the RGA. If a part is sent our engineers will review and make recommendations.


Once tools are received by the Regal facility, they are visually inspected for wear and incidental damages and then instrumentally inspected against the print. Once the inspection is completed, the tools are sent to engineering to receive a final disposition.

At any time during the process you can call or fill out our form for the status by referencing your RGA number. 

* Filling out the questionnaire will help expedite the return process. If the tools are returned without the questionnaire, or the questionnaire is not complete, the RGA Coordinator will contact the distributor and/or the end user to ask the same questions listed on the questionnaire.