5 Common Tap Troubles, and How to Remedy Them

We’re very familiar with all kinds of tap troubles here at Regal and are experts at solving them. Many common problems that we see may seem overwhelming, but can be fixed by you with the right know how.

  1. Chips Packing in The Flutes: Use a tap with more chip space, three instead of four flutes. Select a spiral fluted tap which lifts chips out, or if it is a through hole, choose a spiral point tap to eject chips forward. If the material is suitable, use a forming tap which produces no chips.
  2. Oversize or Tapered Threads: Check the spindle and holder for a misaligned or loose fit, and make sure the thrust is suitable for the pitch and material. Verify the hole diameter before tapping.
  3. Excessive Heat Burning Chips and Tap: The spindle speed is too fast, slow it down. Insure use of quality lubricant directed at the cutting zone. Determine if the tap has adequate hook for free cutting action.
  4. Part Material Loading on the Cutting Edges: Spindle speed is too fast, or there is insufficient coolant. Select a tap treatment to minimize buildup on cutting edges. Nitride or Steam Oxide works well at minimal cost.
  5. Burrs On Product Thread: This may be caused by burrs on the tap, often caused by a sharp cutting edge.  Regal taps are processed through our micro edge prep process to eliminate burrs and provide a smooth cutting edge for quality tapping.

Regal has seen it all when it comes to tap performance and we are here to help. Not only can we solve your tap problems, we can also manufacture and ship custom taps in 24 hours. Contact a Regal rep to learn more about our products, or for further tap assistance.