Met-Flo Forming Taps

Met-Flo Forming Taps
Met-Flo Forming Taps

When chip removal is a problem often Met-Flo forming taps can provide a solution. No chips are cut but the metal is pushed or formed. A different size drill is required.

  • Specially designed for malleable materials such as aluminum and brass
  • Eliminates chip disposal problems
  • Ideal for blind holes
  • Lasts up to five times longer than conventional taps
  • Speed may be increased by as much as 200% in most applications
  • Manufactured to Table 302 standards
  • State-of-the-art design, manufactured on CNC equipment

Internal threads can be generated by using fluteless taps which actually push or flow the metal to produce the thread form. These taps are used in non-ferrous materials and soft steel. They do not cut the threads so no chips are produced and the problem of chip removal is eliminated.

This style is particularly suitable for blind holes. A different size hole is required when using forming taps and a chart is provided.