Taps produce helical grooves in a hole in order to insert a fastener. Our taps comply with all standards and specifications and are produced from high quality steels and carbide to meet the needs of manufacturers

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Solid Carbide Thread Mills

Thread mills are used to produce threads on machining centers which are capable of helical interpolation.  The benefits of thread milling versus tapping are specific to the needs of the customer.

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Thread gages insure that tapped holes meet the requirements of the Class of Fit, for the part tapped.

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Twist Drills

Twist drills are the most common kind of drill because of how easy they are to use. They are used to put holes in steel, wood, and non-ferrous materials. 

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End Mills

End Mills cut material on both the periphery and end simultaneously creating stress since the tool is held only at the spindle. Regal’s design minimizes deflection and chatter.

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