Type J Cobalt 6” Extension Aircraft Drills - Fractional

Our fractional size  type "J" drills made from heat resistant cobalt steel are heavy duty construction for drilling high temperature and high strength alloys. These 6" long extension drills are furnished  with a 135 degree split point to NAS specifications and are treated with a bronze oxide for wear resistance and identification.

  • Manufactured to A.I.A. NAS-907 point standards
  • High red hardness and abrasion resistant
  • Heavy-duty construction provides greater strength and rigidity
  • Designed for drilling tough and abrasive materials, high temperature alloys, stainless and heat-treated high-strength steels

These drills are designed for drilling holes in hard, tough materials such as stainless steel, titanium and other high strength alloys. These 6" extension drills with a special P3 split point and wear resistant surface treatment will provide long life in power feed or portable applications.