Tap & Drill Sets and Accessories

Sets of taps and drills in the most popular size machine screw and fractional taps are available in bright and TiN coated hand and spiral point taps including the proper sized drill.  Metric sizes of bright taps and drills are available as well.
Tap wrenches and Die Stocks in the most popular sizes to 2 1/2" are readily available.

  • High quality taps and drills in a variety of sizes to fit most maintenance, repair or production needs
  • T-Handle wrenches are designed for hand tapping and may also be used with drills, screw extractors and other tools
  • Straight wrenches are designed to provide greater leverage when tapping larger diameters
  • Die Stocks will hold any round adjustable die, but specifically designed for dies with open-type adjustment

A variety of hand and spiral point taps including the proper drill are available in NC and NF sizes. These HSS tools are contained in a metal index box for quick access to the right size tap and drill.
Slip Handle, Rachet and Straight Tap Wrenches for taps up to 2" help in alignment and leverage in hand tapping.
Die Stocks for round dies up to 3" outside diameter make external repair threading easy.