Left Hand Taps - Machine Screw Size & Fractional

Left Hand Taps - Machine Screw Size & Fractional
Left Hand Taps - Machine Screw Size & Fractional

Regal offers an extensive inventory of left hand taps including many sizes Titanium Nitride Coated. Other coatings are available. Our Popular Special tap category includes left hand taps not included in the common National Coarse or National Fine series and can be shipped in 24 hours.

  • General-purpose tap used either by hand or on production machines
  • Precision ground for a wide variety of applications
  • Proper number of flutes to provide sufficient chip room and cutting edges to handle most threading jobs
  • Manufactured to Table 302/303 standards

We offer a range of machine screw, fractional and metric sizes from #6 to “1 ½ and M3.5 to M24 as standard and are available with taper, plug or bottom chamfer. The tapering of the threads at the front end distributes the cutting action over several teeth. When the tapering amounts to 7 to 10 threads, the tap is called a “taper” tap; 3 to 5 threads a “plug tap”; and 1 to 2 threads a “bottoming” tap.

Standard left hand taps are made from high speed steel in a wide variety of flute configurations and comply with ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standards. A choice of “H limits” is available to produce the class of fit needed for inch dimension tools. Metric taps conform to DIN for thread and ANSI for diameter and length dimensions.