World Class Service, Even on Sundays

On Palm Sunday April 9th, Regal’s President Dick Hartnett was driving from our plant in South Carolina to Roscoe Illinois where our headquarters are located.

He received a call at 7:30 AM from a contractor involved in power plant maintenance in Georgia. The call was a courtesy in informing him that his contact information had been given to the plant operations manager, who had a big problem.

Almost immediately after they hung up, Dick received a call from the Superintendent of the Watts Barr Nuclear plant in Spring City, Tennessee, asking how quickly he could acquire a 4 ½”-8 tap from Regal, regarding an urgent issue that would cause a plant shutdown if they couldn’t repair a valve immediately.

After the call, Dick  immediately called Chris Hill, production manager and Todd Moran, engineering manager at their homes, asking them to check the Roscoe plant to determine if a blank was available to make this big tap from, and to determine how quickly we could produce it.

While waiting for their responses, he received another emergency call- this one from the Tennessee Valley Authority General Manager, stating that they  needed two taps, both a plug and a taper chamfer to fix a problem that needed to be resolved as soon as possible. To solve this urgent  issue, the TVA would send a courier to our plant to wait for the tools to be produced and drive them directly to their facility.

The necessary Regal personnel was assembled, the taps requiring multiple operations were produced, and the shipments were safely packaged into wooden crates. With the paper work completed by hand, the tools were ready to go when the courier arrived at 6:30 PM to transport these two large taps. They were in operation repairing a large nuclear valve by 9:00 AM Monday morning.

While these circumstances are unusual, they do happen. This is an example of the service Regal Cutting Tools is proud to offer all its customers. We are committed to going above and beyond to meet the needs of our customers, and dedicated to delivering the best outcome under any circumstances.