Why Does Micro Finish Edge Preparation Increase Tap Life by 30-50% Or More?

The proper edge preparation for taps is different from other cutting tools. There are multiple cutting geometries on the end of a tap and two common methods for edge preparation are vapor honing and abrasive blasting or immersion. Regal uses a method that is closely controlled to ensure consistency.  Doing this necessitates the use of a variety of grain sizes and composition, along with a rotating speed dependent on tool diameter. For example, a #4-40 tap requires a completely different process than a ¾-10.

After thorough investigation, Regal’s engineers selected the precise process suitable for the intricate cutting angles of thread forms, a Micro Finish Edge Preparation process. It is applied to all taps up to one inch in diameter. 

Main Benefits of the Micro Finish Edge Prep Process

This process does two important things. 

1. Eliminate stress caused by the grinding process: In the manufacturing process, micro size ridges are left on the cutting surfaces that leave a

rough finish on the tapped part.

2. Produce a microscopically blunted cutting edge: The edge prep produces a blunted cutting edge free of any burrs or high spots. A user can’t see these improvements, but when they use Regal brand taps, they will notice a smoother finish on threads and up to 50% longer tool life. One shop owner who was skeptical of the advantages of using Regal taps put them to the test over a span of two months. He immediately noted better threads.  After comparing the Regal tap to a tap with similar production, he found about 20% less expenditure.  

Two Times the Mico-Finish Process

All Regal taps 1” and under go through the Micro Finish Edge Preparation process. Our coated taps go through the Micro-Finish process not once, but twice!  Once before coating and again after the coating process is completed. By  paying close attention to detail over these  final steps, we ensure  our customers the finest taps and extended tool life.

Learn more about our Micro Edge Preparation Process and why Regal offers this service for free.