Why Do Distributors and End-Users Use the Regal Cutting Tools Website?

regal website

Since 1955, Regal has revolutionized special tap manufacturing while creating a culture of reliable and timely shipments of quality cutting tools. Now, as a full line cutting tool company, Regal offers drills, taps, and end mills made from materials such as HSS, cobalt, and carbide.
Regal’s expertise lies in manufacturing high-end cutting tools for our customers, but it has become increasingly important to provide our clients with a comprehensive and user-friendly website.  With this in mind, we have developed a user-friendly online experience for first time users, returning customers, and distributors.

Here are some of the main benefits that end-users and distributors can benefit from on the Regal website every day:

End-users can:

  • Find the right tool.
  • Check dimensions and specifications.
  • Verify the tool needed is in inventory.
  • Search for options and alternative tools.
  • Request special tool prices and shipment schedules.
  • Check for coating options.
  • Review application articles.
  • Request test tools.
  • Find a distributor.
  • Contact the local Regal representative.

Distributors can:

  • All of the items noted above.
  • Access account to Regal’s website functions.
  • Find tools needed, check inventory, locate list and net price.
  • Use Quick Add to order multiple list of part numbers.
  • Order standard parts and ship to customer with no minimum.
  • Check invoice to verify shipment and get Ups or FedEx tracking number.
  • Review older invoices.
  • Link Company’s website to Regal website.
  • Receive advantage pricing on website orders.

Learn more about online ordering for distributors or contact us with any questions.