Why Do Customers Rely on Regal Cutting Tools for Special Taps?

Choosing the right tap for a specific job is not always easy to determine.   Regal Cutting Tools can design and build taps to fit your purpose when machine capabilities and high volume processes require unorthodox shanks, lengths or thread geometries.  We design special taps with virtually any combination of features. Working from your prints or descriptions, our experts can incorporate coolant holes, interrupted threads, custom ground flutes, special thread forms and custom coatings and other specifications your application requires.

Customizing Your Specifications Quickly

As the first (over 60 years of experience) and best in 24-hour taps, we know which products are the most popular and carry extensive inventories and have blanks in various stages of manufacture including:

  • Heat treated
  • Fluted
  • Threaded

Any taps conforming to USCTI tables will be shipped within 24 hours.

Commitment to 24-Hour Orders & Our Customers

For one customer, Positronics Inc. exploring various H limit sizes was critical for a new job. Running a high-volume part with short thread length in a soft material necessitated some trial and error. Dallas Kirkpatrick of Dallas Tooling Supply commented “What really leads to success is the service Regal Cutting Tools provides. Getting taps quickly to determine the best size really helps.”
How does this service happen every day? Yes, the process is continually refined to assure reliability, but what really counts is the commitment of every employee.  Not long ago, there was a midday short in the motor driving our threading department’s coolant system. While emergency repairs were made, sixteen 24-hour shipment orders were located and prioritized. Every employee working on these projects voluntarily worked overtime to ensure customers expecting next day service were not disappointed.

Learn more about Regal’s 24-hour special tap shipment services or request a custom tap!