Which Special Tap Is Right for Your Application?

As applications become more customized, metal fabricators and manufacturers often require specialized taps in order to meet customer needs.
As the name implies, specials tap are constructed with uncommon diameters, lengths, pitches, shank shapes and other variables not found on standard taps. Often these unusual configurations do not conform to ANSI, ISO or other standards. The term “special tap” covers a lot of ground, and the right tap for the specific job is not always easy to determine. This guide discusses the general classes of special taps and the circumstances when each might be considered for particular applications.

Special Taps from Blanks

Taps constructed from semi-finished blanks are the least specialized of the special taps. Like blanks used to fashion door keys, tap blanks are produced in standard lengths and shank dimensions. Blanks come in lengths up to six inches; for the vast majority or orders, Regal keeps an extensive inventory of hardened blanks on hand. With experienced personnel operating our Tap Expert Specification CAD system, we can produce special taps from blanks to customized:

  • Threads per Inch
  • Thread Form
  • Pitch Diameter

These customized taps can ship the next day in most instances.

Special SuperTuf Taps from Blanks

Shops that deal in difficult-to-machine materials such as high-carbon steel, and nickel and titanium alloys require special taps that can handle these harder metals. Specially calibrated for the workpiece, SuperTuf material contains cobalt, vanadium, and tungsten steel particles to give these special taps precise edge support and free cutting action to increase:

  • Productivity
  • Lifespan
  • Effectiveness

Regal builds custom SuperTuf taps from blanks and ships them within 10 days. We apply our recommended coating at no additional charge.

Special Taps from Blueprints

When machine capabilities or high-volume processes require unorthodox shanks or thread geometries, Regal’s craftspeople can custom fabricate special taps directly from engineering design specifications. You tell us the tolerance, thread form, hole depth, and other application-specific criteria, and we will ship your special taps within 10 days.

Special Tap Lengths

Specialized CNC operations may call for longer shanks, threads, pilots, or overall reach. Regal can custom build taps that reach 12 inches or more, depending on their diameters. In most cases, Regal can manufacture and ship extra-long special taps within 10 days.

Special Feature Taps

Regal can fashion special taps with virtually any combination of features. Working from either blanks (usually shipping within five days) or bar steel (10 days) our experts can incorporate coolant holes, interrupted threads, custom-ground flutes, trapezoidal or Acme thread form and  other specifications your application requires.
Download Regal’s Special Tap Catalog to see our full offering of special and custom taps, or contact us if you have any questions!