What's Changed?

Sixty years ago, Regal pioneered the process of making special taps in twenty-four hours.  Back in the day, the request would come from a distributor in the mail or over the telephone.  Once the need got to our staff, we modified a process print by hand, and entered a work order to ship the next day.  It was unique in the industrial world and allowed us to grow and expand our product offering to include end mills and drills.  We still make special taps in twenty-four hours today.

Present Day

Today a machinist takes a picture of the description on the shank of a tool with his/her smart phone, or provides information of what they need and forwards it to a distributor who usually sends it right to us electronically. If the exact tool description isn’t in our database, we do a CAD drawing and enter a work order to ship the next day.

What’s changed?  Expectations.  “Need it now” is no longer the exception, it’s the rule.  First of all, communication responses should be immediate. Order status or shipping status must be website available.  Customers want inventory managed for shop floor access, technical help at their fingertips and reports relative to production and cost.

Supplying a good product in a timely fashion at a fair price no longer meets all the needs of today’s customer. The successful distributor can satisfy customer expectations using available modern technologies, and that is exactly what Regal has done with its twenty-four hour special taps.

Want to see our twenty-four hour service in action? Request a custom special tap today.