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Roughing End Mills

Cobalt (M-42) and HSS coarse and fine pitch roughing end mills can be productive in many circumstances.

There are thousands of machines not quite suited to run at speeds required for carbide tooling, or holders and spindles that don’t measure up to the rigidity necessary to run expensive carbide tooling.

Larger Regal roughing end mills, which cost a fraction of their carbide counterpart when running at the optimum speed with a heavier feed rate, can be the more productive selection. Especially when comparing:

  • Cost of the tool.
  • Time to produce parts.
  • Inches milled and stock removed.

Our design provides increased metal removal rates with free cutting action using less horsepower.
We Offer:

  • High Speed Steel non center cutting multi-fluted tools.
  • Cobalt (M-42) non center cutting coarse and fine pitch.
  • Cobalt (M-42) center cutting multi flute for tough materials.
  • Cobalt (M-42)three flute center cutting for fast metal removal.                             

We are well endowed with substantial inventory that can shipped to you.  Coatings can be added in about a week.