The Ultimate High Performance Tap

Carbide tooling has replaced high-speed steel in many applications. Due to the fixed feed rate of tapping, carbide has not been selected as frequently. However, when conditions are right, the use of carbide taps can produce maximum productivity, extremely good part finish, and low cost per hole tapped. 

Regal’s carbide and Carbo-Clad taps are made from ultra fine grain carbide with a high cobalt content binder.  We can design taps with high shear flute shapes and solid support behind the cutting edge to thread hard metal, Inconel, and other tough metals.

Non-ferrous materials such as aluminum, brass, and bronze, where abrasion is the primary cause of tool wear, are tapped efficiently and thus extremely good tool life is routinely achieved.

When evaluating applications to determine whether the higher cost of carbide taps can be justified, a number of factors should be considered:

  • Total number of tapped holes to be produced
  • Capability of the machine tool to be used
  • Condition of the material and fixtures required

Provided the machine can run at the recommended speed and has lead control it is a good application for carbide tapping. Advanced multi-layer coatings are available to further extend tool life.

Carbide and Carbo-Clad taps are available in up to 1” diameter and pipe sizes of up to 1 ½”. For more information about these taps, contact us today.