Titanium Blasters: Efficient Milling of Titanium Alloys

Titanium Blasters

What’s the most cost effective method and tool to mill Titanium? If you are removing a large volume of material, contouring, or even slotting and want to run at high stock removal rates, the conventional wisdom is to use carbide end mills.  We, however, have proven the most cost effective tool is Regal’s Truncated Rougher/Finisher made from particle metal with high cobalt content.

Why Mill with the Truncated Rougher/Finisher?

Less horsepower is required to get a superb finish at speeds close to what you would run carbide finishing tools. The multi-flute construction is designed to withstand the heat generated at high RPM’s, and the truncated tooth design breaks chips while still producing a finish found with most conventional finishing end mills.

You will find you can run either our standard length or the versatile extended reach end mill with a reduced neck section, and get outstanding results. The geometry of these tools minimizes deflection and reduces vibration considerably.


We can offer the tool in the coating of your choice, and if a radius is requested, we will provide that as well with a minimum delay in shipment.

The flexibility of the extended reach, coupled with our multi-flute truncated form will match the production of carbide end mills at nearly the same speed and two or three times the chip load per tooth.  Tool life will match or exceed the expensive tool at 1/3 to ½ the cost.

To order Regal’s Truncated Rougher/Finisher, request a quote, or to learn more, contact a Regal representative.