These Regal Team Members are SuperTuf!

If you’ve tried SuperTuf, don’t just thank Regal.  Thank Leasa, Bill, Wes, Andy, Deb, and Geri.  They’re the people who work to give you the best cutting tool possible for difficult to machine materials.

The People Behind SuperTuf

  1. Our Customer Service specialists, under the guidance of Leasa Trotter, work to uncover our customers’ specific requirements.  That way, Regal can ensure the most effective tool for any difficult material. 
  2. Tooling requests start with design engineer Bill Cox.  He uses TESS (our proprietary Tap Engineering Software System) to provide the optimal tap for the specific application. Bill, like the entire Regal team, is dedicated to our fast shipment commitment and works until all orders for the day are processed. 
  3. Once the tool enters manufacturing, Wes Wiedeman keeps a watchful eye that all specifications are controlled throughout the process. 
  4. Scheduling is a critical component to achieve our delivery commitments, and that keeps Andy Neyer busy.  He constantly calculates the production schedule so many jobs can run simultaneously. 
  5. Deb Hunt inspects every job to verify that the manufactured tool meets the specifications. 
  6. The final step is completed by Geri Rygh’s team.  They make sure the newly designed protective SuperTuf packaging is used, and that the shipment is prepared and ready to go when the trucks arrive to pick up the day’s orders.

Short Lead Times and Great Performance: Why We Made SuperTuf in the USA

So, those are the people that bring SuperTuf to you every day.  The development of this material-specific product line of taps is the culmination of extensive research, engineering design, testing and investments over many years. 
More importantly, we listened to our customers. 
The marketplace, including our distributor partners and their customers, inspired us to develop a material-specific high performance tool domestically made in the USA.  We felt that an American manufactured application-oriented product would solve the industry problem of long lead times, and provide the solution our metalworking customers needed.
That’s why the investment was worth it.

Bringing it Together: A Team Effort

 The entire Regal team contributed to the development and launch of SuperTuf.  It truly required commitment from our entire organization. 
The project team, including our General Manager, Engineering staff, Production staff, Customer Service representatives, Shipping department and Sales organization, made the commitment to manufacture the highest quality tool at the lowest possible cost.  
They delivered, and that’s why Regal Cutting Tools can offer these material-specific, high-performance tools faster than any other producer.
We owe our success to our customers and our team.  Thank you for all you do.  Now let’s get SuperTuf!
Learn more about Regal's Super Tuf Particle Metal here.