A Tap for Every Nut


Every industry depends on nuts. Whether it’s backyard playground equipment, or the blades on a wind turbine, everything is held together by nuts. That makes nut manufacturing one of the most important industries in the world. In a world that depends on nuts, these manufacturers must be able to produce accurate, reliable nuts.

To keep up with the demand of a world that would literally fall apart without them, nut manufacturers depend on Regal to provide the taps they need to meet customer’s demands. From high production standard nuts, to one-off specialty fasteners, Regal has all the taps that nut manufacturers depend on.

Standard Fasteners

High production nuts are made on special purpose tapping machines. Once threaded the material continues down the tap shank, dropping off into a collection bin or conveyor. These taps are brazed or threaded onto a curved shank and are built according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Specialty Fasteners

Specialty nuts are usually made from exotic materials that are more difficult to cut. These more demanding materials require taps made from high alloy particle metal. Regal provides specialty taps with specific geometries for producing highly accurate threads in tough materials.

Large Diameter and Custom Taps

Nuts of this variety are typically made in limited quantities using conventional equipment. The right tap optimizes fit and finish, while also improving performance and extending the life of the tap.

A Tap for Every Nut

Whether it’s in a production facility, or on a jobsite, Regal has taps to meet every need.

  • Spiral Point Taps—These taps are perfect for through-hole tapping. The angular cutting edge propels chips forward, removing them from the machining area.
  • Nut Taps—Designed for tapping or rethreading nuts, these taps are now used primarily for deep-hole tapping. They have a longer thread length, chamfer, and shank than standard taps.
  • Special Taps—These custom taps have different geometries than standard production taps. They may have non-standard diameters, pitches, or both. Regal can produce special taps to customer specifications in 24 hours.
  • Gages—Once a hole is tapped, it’s important to ensure that the hole and threads meet the specified requirements. Gages are used to measure threaded holes, making sure that the right parts fit and the wrong parts don’t.

Keeping it Together

The world depends on a steady supply of reliable fasteners. Without nut manufacturers, things would start falling apart quickly. Regal has been supplying taps to the fastener industry for decades, giving us the experience to meet the needs of all our clients, large and small.

Contact us today to get a custom tap for your fastening needs.