SuperTuf Taps Make Special Applications In Tough Materials Easy

The need for high performance taps is not limited to standard sizes, but the availability of application specific designs and taps made from particle materials is limited. If you’re tapping 52100 steel, duplex Stainless, nickel alloys or 10% silicate aluminum and want a ¾”-27 tap right now, you’re out of luck. You could find a foreign supplier who would be happy to make special taps for you… but prices will be as high as $100… each. Production times can take up to 10 weeks with an additional 10 weeks to ship. With a lead time of 5 months, how would you get anything done?

Regal Cutting Tools has an impressive history of being able to deliver special taps quicker than any other tap manufacturer. We have dedicated ourselves to meeting the high performance, material specific needs of our customers and developed various micro-grain particle metal steels into a blank inventory to meet the requirements necessary to supply SuperTuf custom taps for your tough material applications.

The process is simple (at least to us): we use our vast inventory of particle metal 302A (necked blanks) combined with Solid Works 3D modeling and TESS, our own tap engineering specification system to design the tool based on material thread depth and machine used. Then, we put it in the hands of our dedicated production team who deal with urgency every working day.

We can produce the taps required in just a few days, and get them coated in a few more. With our SuperTuf Taps, you no longer  have to use less productive HSS taps or wait for weeks when you need a high performance tap in a special size. Call us today at 844-535-7284 for any questions or concerns, or contact us online.