SuperTuf Material Specific Taps: Extend Tool Life & Increase Profitability

Aerospace, power generation, transportation, and other manufacturing industries continue to develop and rely on alloys with the exact properties they need to deliver optimum performance. But as hardness, resilience, strength, elasticity, toughness, malleability, and other metallic properties change, they often become more difficult to machine with precision and predictability.
SuperTuf, Regal Cutting Tools’ line of material-specific taps, has the answer for any industry or application where exacting tolerances must be met and extended tool life contribute to profitability.
These made-in-the-USA taps combine geometry, coatings, and edge preparation into the optimal configurations for each working material’s cutting characteristics.

A Product for Every Material

Regal manufactures SuperTuf taps that are custom-designed for:

  • Medium and high-carbon steel alloys, austenitic/martensitic/duplexing
  • Precipitation hardening stainless steel, nickel, nickel/copper and nickel/chrome alloys
  • Commercially pure titanium alloys

The line includes expertly calibrated geometries in the SuperTuf spiral point taps for through-hole applications, spiral flute taps for blind hole-threading and straight flutes for both types of holes in cast iron.
The taps incorporate exact, unique hook, rake angles, and relief angles tailored for each specific range of materials, ensuring perfect, identical threading every time, at an expansive range of cutting speeds.

Superior Performance

 particle steel construction using the latest geometrical computer-modeled design technologies and meticulously formulated coatings ensure SuperTuf taps can stand up to the rigors of today’s threading applications.
Exact shear cutting, the strongest core sections on the market, and a proprietary particle metallurgy process gives SuperTuf taps the best substrate available.
With exceptional edge support, these taps use consistent cutting angles on both the chamfer and the face for unparalleled chip control. The combination of extreme toughness, wear resistance, and closely controlled cutting action provides excellent durability.

Micro-finish Edge Preparation

Regal’s line of SuperTuf taps offers superior tool life and performance, thanks in large part to an advanced micro-finish edge preparation process applied as a standard feature on all taps under one inch. Regal’s process creates a smooth  cutting surface, which strengthens the tools’ edge. It also ensures a consistent curve around cutting edges and corners, which minimizes chipping.
These processes strengthen the cutting edges, resist wear, maintain hardness and toughness, and make the tap more receptive to coatings. Micro-finished taps also deliver smoother thread surfaces and stand up to higher cutting speeds.
With a wide selection of standard taps, a comprehensive library of blanks, and an expansive network of industrial distributors located throughout the country, Regal can deliver the perfect tool for any industry and application. In fact, owing to its revolutionary manufacturing process and outstanding customer service, they can custom-build and ship even the most specialized SuperTuf taps with recommended coatings in just 10 days.
Regal’s Customer Service team is standing by to walk you through the special-order process. Tell us the material you are working with and the job specifications and requirements, and they will get to work manufacturing the precise tap to get the job done.
Contact us today to learn more about how our SuperTuf taps can serve you.