SuperTuf Material Specific Taps Coming This Winter

The cost effective and efficient machining of difficult to machine materials required tool manufacturers to develop a higher quality of taps that perform in a wide variety of materials.  We have worked on the development and design of our new SuperTuf high performance line of tools that are designed for material specific applications.  

This proprietary particle material, in conjunction with computer designed geometries for specific material applications, is the answer to achieving maximum performance and cost effectiveness.  The additional process of drag edge preparation as a final step in the manufacturing process further extends tool life by delaying the start of tool failure.

Taps are available from stock for Stainless Steel both DIN/ANSI and standard ANSI lengths, specific designs for Titanium Alloys, Nickel Alloys, difficult to machine materials up to 45 Rc and abrasive Aluminum Alloys. National Coarse, National Fine and Metric sizes are available.  Stocking inventory includes both spiral point and spiral flute with our recommended coating applied. Additional multilayer coatings are available for ultra high performance.

The SuperTuf line of tool is available in standard stock sizes but more importantly special taps can be manufactured in 7 to 10 days with coatings at the Roscoe, Illinois manufacturing plant.  

The Industry issue of long lead times for high performance tooling has been solved by manufacturing in America with a wide selection of blanks and bar steel to meet our customer needs.  Call Customer Service at 1-800-435-2948 the next time you need a high performance tap ready to be shipped within 10 days.

Product will be available starting in December, 2013.