SuperTuf: Made in the USA for Cost-Effective Cutting of Difficult Materials

On December 1, 2013, Regal Cutting Tools released the SuperTuf line of High Performance Tools.  SuperTuf is:

  1. Specifically developed for tapping difficult to machine materials
  2. Especially effective on tough stainless steels, titanium, nickel, high carbon steels and abrasive aluminum.  

SuperTuf Standard and Special Taps

SuperTuf taps are manufactured specifically for each group of materials, using
proprietary steel at the Roscoe, Illinois plant.  This means that with every SuperTuf purchase, our customers get a high quality, high performance tap Made in USA.  Options include:  

This solves the issue of lengthy lead times.  You receive a high quality, custom tool fast to meet your needs.

Multi-Finish Mirco Edge Preparation for Even Better Performance

These taps, from #4 to 1" in diameter, will also go through the additional process of Multi-Finish Micro Edge Preparation to further extend tool life.  This process removes even the smallest of burrs from the cutting tool surface, making them more effective and further enhancing the benefits of the coating.  

The process of Multi-Finish Micro Edge Preparation is another value-added benefit incorporated into the manufacturing process to further improve tool quality and delay the onset of tool degradation.

Regal is the dependable, cost-effective choice for purchasing cutting tools for difficult to machine materials.  SuperTuf is the newest solution for difficult to machine materials, with quick delivery of a Made in the USA High Performance tap.

For more information:

Call Regal Customer Service (800-435-2948) or request a quote online if you have a High Performance tool requirement that is not a standard. We will handle your request and manufacture the tool for you in ten days or less.