Suggested Taper Pipe Tap Styles For Various Materials

When pipe tapping is required, it is common to select a standard straight flute general purpose style tap.  If your company is involved in high volume

taper pipe tap

production and repetitive business, you can benefit from investigating your options in order to provide the best possible solution.

The evolution of high performance straight thread taps has allowed designs to be created for various applications in specific materials. These are specific to the material being threaded. Taper pipe taps (NPT-NPTF), which feature geometries that provide cutting action to eliminate the obstacles in producing quality threads, are not as material specific but address the chip formation issues.

Taper Pipe Tap Styles By Material

Taper Pipe Tap StyleMaterial(s) or Purpose
Standard Design Medium HookGeneral
Standard Design High HookAluminum & Stainless Steel
Standard Design Low Rake AngleCast Materials
Interrupted Thread DesignEliminate Tearing Threads
Spiral FluteLift Chips in Stringy Material
thread pipe tap

When jobs arise that require taper pipe threads, don’t just pick up a tap based on convenience or price.  Save yourself the pain that comes with selecting the wrong tap. Explore all of your options and make an educated selection.

Learn more about Regal’s taper pipe taps. Tap drill charts are also available. Taper pipe tapping is not difficult when you select the right tool for the job. Please contact us with any questions.