Special Drills in Four Weeks? Regal Delivers!

Our NATIONAL TWIST DRILL brand of high speed and cobalt drills has been a leader providing special drills to the automotive, aircraft, valve and fitting and other segments of industrial production since 1909. Our South Carolina manufacturing plant has developed processes to streamline the making of complex custom high speed and cobalt steel drills.  We have added capacity, improved the flow of work and utilized techniques learned in the manufacturing of 24 hour special taps.

Our special drills are customized to fit your specific needs:

·         Tools up to twelve inches long
·         One half inch in diameter
·         Quantities up to one hundred pieces
·         Production time is four weeks or less

Our close tolerance diameters and extremely accurate point configurations insure accurate drilled holes.

Special lengths, diameters, helix angles can be built into two flute, core and multi-diameter drills.

The manufacturing process includes:

·         Grinding raw material to the correct diameter
·         Specific fluting for the material being drilled
·         Grinding the outside diameter to leave a margin of the correct width
·         Machining the required point

In many cases our product application group recommends surface treating or coating to extend the life of this special tooling.

To get more information on our special drills request a quote today!