See What You Could Be Saving With Regal's Productivity Analysis Service

We have the best tool for your job… And we can prove it.
Whether you’re Drilling, Tapping or Milling we can show your actual annual cost savings by using Regal Cutting Tools unique “Productivity Analysis” service.

Productivity Analysis

Simply tell us your current machining operation and tooling and we will recommend either a more effective design, or our comparable tool. We need to know if there are any restrictions, the cost of your current tool and how many parts you produce.  It’s that easy.

We will provide you with our recommended no-charge test tool, the most efficient method to machine if different than the current process, and provide a “Productivity Analysis” to be filled out. There are some simple questions, and then our built in formula will actually compare the total cost of a drilled or tapped hole or number of inches milled and figure the cost saving based on either the job or annual production.

It’s that simple - put us to the test! Contact us today mentioning the Productivity Analysis service and one of our representatives will be in contact with you on how to start the analysis.