S & D Drills for Portable and Drill Press Operations

S & D stands for Silver & Deming, two individuals whose company Silver & Deming Manufacturing made agricultural machines in Salem, OH beginning in 1854.

The Morse taper shank had already been invented and was used in many shops around the country.

There was a need, however, for larger diameter drills with a smaller shank that could fit many of the holders available on common machines. Initially Silver and Deming reduced the shanks by turning on a lathe to ½” to fit their holders.

Silver Deming Drill

Later, although their primary business was woodworking machinery, they began to create the drills and sell under the name Silver & Deming Manufacturing Co. They never sought a patent!

Today S & D drills are commonly found in machinists’ toolboxes, automotive repair shops, construction jobs and a wide variety of portable applications.

Two basic shank styles are available— the common round shank, and one with three flats to make gripping in a chuck easier. These drills are designed for general purpose drilling of both ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

The entire range of sizes includes 33/64” to 1 ½”. All come with a ½” shank, 3” shank length, and approximately 3” of flute.  Common sets include 8 drills from 9/16’ to 1” by 16ths.

Regal Cutting Tools offering includes nitride and oxide treated drills with either round or flatted shanks, and includes black and gold drills with easy start point and flatted shanks. They are designed to fit any ½” drill chuck.

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