Rivalry Weekend

Our Roscoe, Illinois workforce has spent years working together to supply the finest cutting tools possible in the shortest time for all our customers. But twice each fall, diversity takes over and our football fans don their team’s colors.
Our plant is located only 5 miles from the Illinois/Wisconsin state line and employs people from both sides of the border.

We celebrate the rivalry in a light hearted (well most of us) easy going way with a company sponsored Bratfest. This tradition has been going on for ten years, not quite as long as the Bear/Packer rivalry which started in 1921.
The accomplishments of the two rivals have produced 22 NFL championships, and 57 players enshrined in the Hall of Fame.
Our Regal team has been winners for 60 years, producing tools to meet the needs of a wide variety of industries, and crossing the delivery goal line repeatedly.
It probably would surprise you to know that if the 188 games played were continuous the score would be:

BEARS:  3,208         PACKERS: 3,143

May the best team win this weekend!