The Rivalry Continues…

Bears vs. Packers

With a rare Thursday night Bears-Packers game the rivalry is renewed with everyone at the Regal Cutting Tools Roscoe, IL plant wearing the colors of their favorite team.

Over the years there have been sometimes heated conversations about the game with some shouts of “Go Pack Go” and “Bear Down Bears”.  The discussions about the Bears defense and the quarterback skill of the Packers doesn’t have the same passion as in previous years, and the chants of “Bears Suck” aren’t all coming from north of the border.


Packer fans are confident they will get back on track, and Bears fans are hoping for a high draft pick to get a quarterback. But the friendly back and forth between our employees always make this a special day. It does seem though that everyone is a Cubs fan today.

We will all enjoy our traditional lunch time cookout of Brats, Hot Dogs and Cupcakes provided by our managers, with many employees bringing their favorite dish to pass.

Bears v. Packers