The Right Choice Can Save Thousands with Carbide End Mills

Carbide end mills are expensive, and most are designed for a very specific purpose.  That’s why you should be careful when selecting the most appropriate style for the material and purpose that you need.

A wrong choice can create waste or early wear, costing thousands of dollars over time. 

For example, slotting has the most limiting purpose by the nature of the cut.

So, choose a tool capable of:

  • Evacuating chips efficiently.
  • Cutting to the required depth.
  • Producing the shape necessary to meet specifications.

Points to Remember About Carbide End Mill Selection

  1. Typically, a coated two flute square end tool is recommended, as this design has wide flutes for chip evacuation. 
  2. Multiple flute tools can be used as well if the slot is not too deep, and if the material being cut creates chips that are either granular or break into pieces.
  3. The square end cutting feature will produce a clean 90 degree angle at the bottom of the cut.
  4. Higher helix carbide end mills are designed with a high shear cutting face and are excellent in aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.
  5. Carbide end mills with a radius ground on the corner generally will provide longer tool life if the part specification allows a radius.

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