Regal Saves The “Cotton Pickin” Day

John Deere Cotton Harvester

Recently, a farmer in South Carolina was getting ready for cotton picking season by doing maintenance on his John Deere Cotton Harvester. Featured on the Cotton Harvester is a rod which holds the gears that drive the picking fingers. When this wears, the assembly should be:

  • Removed
  • Cleaned
  • Reassembled accurately

Finding the threaded socket worn, the farmer wanted to clean and reform the threads for a more accurate and tight fit. The local dealer he contacted was unfamiliar with that process. The dealer recommended he contact Farlen Lewis, Plant Manager at the Regal Cutting Tools plant nearby. Since Regal is well renowned for their special and standard taps, he knew they would be able to identify the thread and possibly supply a tap to clean out and restore the threads.

Regal Knows Threads

The dealer was correct. Farlen was able to clearly identify the thread as 1”-14, but noted a left handed tap was needed due to the rotation of the picking arm.  To many, this would be an unusual and hard to find thread, but not for Regal. It was immediately available and used the next day to clean and restore the threads.

Now this farmer is ready for “Cotton Pickin” season.

Need help identifying threads for your applications? See Regal’s huge selection of Metal Cutting Taps or be sure to contact us and one of our representatives who will be happy to assist you.