Regal Reaches for New Applications

With the introduction of our newly expanded line of extension taps we have been pleased that our customers recognize the advantages of using these tools for jobs where there has been difficulty due to efficient fixturing. The increased use of tombstone style work holding devices, both horizontal and vertical, has sometimes made reaching the surface to be tapped difficult. Regal has the solutions for your difficult tapping needs.

4" Production Taps (Plug and Spiral Point)

Our new offering of four inch long production taps in both plug and spiral point styles, in sizes from number 4 through ½”, addresses jobs where a little longer reach is important.

Small Shank 6" Taps (#4-1” Inch)

Additions of small shank six inch long taps from number four to one inch makes tapping longer than the thread length easy in difficult to reach places.

3/8- 3/4 Spiral Point Taps (8 and 10 Inch Length)

In larger sizes, from 3/8 to 3/4 spiral point taps in both eight   and ten inch overall length, tapping of through holes in plates, housings or valves where access is difficult to reach is possible.

1/16- 1" Standard and Interrupted Taps

Our expansion also includes many metric sizes in both hand and spiral point styles. Taper pipe in standard and interrupted styles from 1/16 to 1 “ in overall lengths from four to 12 inches, make tapping valve bodies, pumps and hydraulic housings more efficient when they can be mounted on multi-station tombstone fixtures.
Special sizes of our extension taps are available in 24 hours, and many coatings and treatments are readily available to extend tool life. Contact a Regal rep to learn more about our special offer and start tapping better!