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More Sizes & More Lengths for all of our Standard Extension Taps

Regal Cutting Tools is pleased to announce new sizes in our standard offering of extension taps. Sizes now range from #4-40 x 4” to 1 ½-8 x 12” and M3.5 to M20 and are available in both hand and spiral point styles.

Regal Extension Taps

These extra length taps are not only designed for production tapping, but are ideal for reaching inconvenient surfaces. Machining centers using tombstone-type fixtures are  not a problem for our extension taps.  Users can select large shank tools for shallow tapping or reduced shanks for when the required thread depth is longer than the tap thread length.

For hard-to-reach locations, the spiral point design pushes chips through and eliminates chips packing in the flutes or troublesome tangles of stringy chips.
Regal’s extension pipe taps are available in sizes from 1/16 to 1” and will produce either NPT or NPTF thread specifications. They are also available in full thread or interrupted style when the material tapped produces tough to remove chips.

Blanks are stocked up to 1” in a variety of lengths so we can offer you 24-hour shipment of any special pitch or  "H" limit needed. In house treatments can be applied to extend tool life and most coatings are available in one week or less.

Our full line of Extension Taps indclude: 

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