Regal Makes Strides Against Breast Cancer

Joining the team at North Pointe wellness center, the women from Regal Cutting Tool’s customer service team participated in the “Making Strides” three mile walk against breast cancer earlier in October. The American Cancer society held the event to raise money and help cure women fighting breast cancer. Thousands gathered together at the event to walk and join the fight against breast cancer.  Lena Beeman, Mary Hammon, Christine Neyer, Kathleen Grandt, Christine Simplot, Terri Rousseau, Sara Schulte, and Eric Kempf all walked the three miles together to show their support for their friends and other women facing breast cancer.   Kathleen Grandt, a customer service representative stated, “One in every eight women are affected by breast cancer,” revealing a startling statistic. With breast cancer affecting so many close friends and family, the women from the customer service department wished to donate and band together as a way to truly support their loved ones.

Helping More Than Just Customers

The Customer service team and other employees at Regal Cutting tools care deeply about others and their coworkers around them. Other employees from Regal stepped up to sponsor the women heading to the event, giving generous donations to the customer service team in support of their endeavor. Each person involved donated at least 25 dollars for the benefit of the event and to help find a cure.

We are proud that so many people at Regal Cutting Tools stepped up for such a great cause by walking for a cure or donating to those who did. The event helped individuals at Regal connect with each other and rally around the women in need of treatment. The women in customer service felt honored to participate in such an important event, and they knew their efforts aided in saving the lives of women fighting breast cancer all around the country. They hope to join the event next year to impact more lives and continue the ongoing fight against breast cancer.