Regal Hosts 10 Korean Students to Learn About Cutting Tool Manufacturing

Regal Cutting Tools has been hosting ten students and their teacher from South Korea, who are training in the study of enhanced manufacturing of precision tools with a four month curriculum.  The students are all part of a Global Competency Development Program for students in technical high schools including precision tools and machine operations. 

These students are also studying English as a second language, and volunteering at the McLeod Loris hospital.

At this year’s annual Bog-Off Festival in Loris, S.C. the students also gave a Taekwondo presentation, which is a traditional military art in South Korea.

Regal strongly believes in the commitment to support our community in both local and global initiatives where we can make a difference.  The Regal employees and the Loris community have all benefited from having our Korean visitors here (both in the Loris community, and at the Regal Cutting Tools manufacturing plant) for the past four months. 

We wish them the best of continued success in their studies as they return home this month.