Regal Cutting Tools & Workplace Readiness

Workplace Readiness is a program offered through Hononegah Community High School in Rockton, Illinois. The program was established to provide area high school students exposure to “real world” jobs and prepare them for future employers. 

As the official release from Hononegah states, “The overall goal of the program is to help students understand that their daily work ethic, behavior and attitude contribute to the workplace. This program will help students research and understand potential career paths and help Hononegah connect and develop collaborative relationships with local businesses and organizations.”

Workplace Readiness provides participants with the opportunity to ask important questions such as:

  • What do employers seek in job candidates?
  • How does the way I dress affect my professional appearance in a job interview and on the job?
  • What skills will I need to satisfactorily perform job tasks?
  • What should I know before I join the work force

Dennis Weiland, Regal’s Plant Manager, is very active in promoting the Workplace Readiness program to encourage this mutually beneficial relationship between Regal Cutting Tools and Hononegah Community High School. Regal is able to promote manufacturing to the youth of our community by hosting plant tours, conducting management interviews, reviewing job skills, and even offering job opportunities. Regal generally employs at least 2 high school students part-time during the course of each year. These experiences are exactly what the Workplace Readiness program is all about-- preparing our community’s youth for the future. Hononegah is able to bridge the gap between classroom education and actual experiences, thus giving students a handle on what it’s like to have a career in manufacturing.