Regal Cutting Tools Support Local Robotics Team


At Regal, we are committed to doing whatever we can to help develop the skills of high school students in the community. We believe that teaching young people the tools to succeed in the workplace at an early age is a major key to their success.  Our plant manager and other management personnel have participated in the “Workplace Readiness Program” at our local Hononegah High School for a number of years and we even sponsor their “Stateline Robotics” team.
For the second year in a row, Regal Cutting Tools hosted the Workplace Readiness awards breakfast at our facility. The awards breakfast celebrated the achievements of students who completed the program and were certified as “Workplace Ready.” By partnering with several local business, this was also the first year that students who achieved certification were eligible for a Workplace Readiness scholarship. At an event attended by student’s family members, school board, faculty, and supporting business representatives, seven students were each awarded a $500 scholarship. Just north of the state line at Beloit Memorial High School, two of our manufacturing managers represent the schools Manufacturing Education Advisory Committee.   Once per month a manager and a CNC operator join the school’s manufacturing class. The manager discusses necessary skills that are needed to be a successful employee, while the CNC operator provides advice on the student’s current projects.

As the skills that are necessary in the workforce continue to evolve, Regal is dedicated to helping high school students prepare to evolve with them. To learn more about participating in next year’s Workplace Readiness awards, please contact us for more information.