Regal Cutting Tools That Serve Machine Shops

Machine shops don’t have the luxury of operating on a set production schedule. When a damaged part comes into the shop, it needs to be repaired and put back into the field as quickly as possible. Since it’s impossible to predict what part will they’ll be working on next, machine shops can’t stock every metal cutting tool they could possible need. They need a cutting tool manufacturer that can quickly identify and supply the correct tools for any job.

For over sixty years, machine shops have relied on Regal to provide standard and custom metal cutting tools in just twenty-four hours. That rapid turnaround is critical to machine shops working on tight schedules—but it’s just one benefit that sets Regal apart from other cutting tool manufacturers.

Getting the Right Tool for the Job

Damaged parts don’t often arrive with all of their machining requirements marked on them. Figuring out the necessary materials and tolerances requires poring over complex blueprints and taking painstaking measurements. If any mistakes are made along the way, the part doesn’t get repaired correctly.

Regal has a team of specialists with years of experience in identifying these complex machining requirements. They have the experience and the expertise to perform examinations of damaged parts and recommend the ideal taps, drills, or mills for making repairs.

A Wide Variety of Metal Cutting Tools

Machine shops rely on a variety of tools to cut, thread, and shape the parts they’re repairing or manufacturing. Regal has the tools machine shops need to quickly perform repairs so that critical parts can go back into service. Some of the metal cutting tools they provide to machine shops are:

  • Taps: Taps are used to create threaded bolt and screw holes in various types of metal. They are available with a variety of coatings, geometries, and lubrication options. The type of tap needed depends on the material being cut, the equipment being used, and the required production speed.
  • Thread Mills: For certain applications and materials, threading with a mill is preferable to threading with a tap. For those situations, Regal provides a large assortment of solid carbide thread mills. Thread mills offer greater flexibility, longer tool life, and can cut much harder material than traditional taps.
  • Twist Drills: Still the standard for making basic holes in metal, drills can be found in every machine shop. Regal has a wide selection of drills for both hand and machine drilling. These drills are available in a variety of coatings and geometries, allowing them to cut through even the toughest exotic metals.
  • End Mills: When it comes to accurately shaping metal parts, machine shops rely on end mills. End mills are available with straight cutting edges for flat shaping, and with rounded edges for profiling and contouring metal. Like drill bits, end mills are available with a variety of coatings that allow them to cut through tough materials with ease.
  • Gages: Once a hole has been milled, drilled, and tapped, it’s important to make sure it’s the right size for the job. Gages are used to measure finished holes, ensuring that the desired fastener will fit securely into the hole.

No Time to Lose

Every industry relies on machine shops to keep their equipment up and running. If a shop can’t get the right metal cutting tool quickly, those industries come to a standstill. For over six decades, machine shops have relied on Regal to get them the tools they need, when they need them.

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