Regal Cutting Tools Employs Hundreds of Skilled Workers

Regal Cutting Tools is a world-class cutting tool manufacturer servicing the metalworking needs of the industry for over 60 years. Regal makes tools that increase productivity, reduce costs and provide optimum tool life when machining both common and exotic materials.


Our business focus is to support our Distributors and their end user customers. Regal Cutting Tools has a nationwide network of Industrial Distributors servicing the diverse needs of Industry including Aerospace, Automotive & Transportation, Power Generation, Fluid Power, Fastener Manufacturing, Medical and smaller family owned Job Shops. We provide cutting tools in high speed steel, cobalt and carbide with a wide array of coatings and treatments for working in the toughest materials.

Our skilled workers average 25 years’ experience, and we are fortunate to be able to attract young people through our association with local schools. Many computer guided machines are used, yet there are operations requiring hands-on, detailed work as well.

Loris, South Carolina

Regal Cutting Tools offers over 13,000 metal cutting tools including taps, drills, end mills, dies, gages and the high performance Super Tuf series of taps and end mills.  Regal provides products designed to help you cut tooling costs and increase profits. If you can’t find a standard item to fit your needs, utilize our 24-hour special tap manufacturing service for quick turnaround of the custom tap you require.
Regal Cutting Tools' manufacturing facilities, each with its own product focus, are strategically located in Roscoe, Illinois and Loris, South Carolina.  Manufacturing facilities are streamlined for highly efficient through-put, equipped with CNC machinery, experienced operators, advanced in house quality control and complete heat treating capabilities.
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