Regal Cutting Tools Employees Mentor Beloit Memorial High School Tech Ed Industrial Arts Students

Regal Cutting Tools managers Wes Weideman and Chris Hill currently volunteer their time to serve on the Beloit School District Industrial Arts Advisory Committee. This committee reviews the Industrial Art Budget for the CNC machine shop and subject matter that needs to be taught to produce future CNC Lathe operators. Terry Schindler, the Industrial Arts Department Head, mentioned at an advisory meeting that he wished area businesses could donate their time and skills to mentor high school students taking the CNC Class. 

In discussions with Regal Cutting Tools’ plant manager Dennis Weiland, he agreed with the concept for donating mentoring time.  Wes Weideman and CNC Machinist Jerry Ottman spend one morning each month working with the class.  Jerry works on the CNC machines with the students and Wes teaches the soft skills you need during an interview process and the knowledge to better yourself in today’s job market. Wes stated “Jerry and I look forward to this monthly visit, and I believe the students look forward for us to be there, to show what they had learned, from the previous month.”

Regal Cutting Tools is proud to help area students learn the valuable skills necessary to succeed in the modern day manufacturing environment.