Regal’s Large-Diameter Taps Fuel Energy Firms’ Productivity

Massive power exploration, generation, and transmission equipment often has to be secured by burly threaded fasteners. Ensuring those turbines, pumps, valves, and other components remain secure requires precise yet rugged threads only Regal Cutting Tools’ line of large-diameter taps can deliver.

The oil, gas, coal, and alternative energy sectors rely on Regal tools to create tight tolerances and leak-proof bonds for fittings, gauges, meters, and more. Our large-diameter taps cut fast, precise threads, making them indispensable in industries where speed, safety, and productivity are critical. Regal’s supplies taps for a wide range of energy applications:

8 Threads per Inch

eight pitch tap

Oil rigs, gas pipelines, power plant platforms, and much of the other equipment energy exploration and transmission companies rely on require coarse 8-threads-per-inch fasteners. When these components require routine maintenance or emergency repair, companies need the best tools available to maintain production and keep workers safe.

Originally designed for threading large diameter, high pressure flanges and joint bolts, 8-pitch taps now are some of the most commonly used on a variety of petroleum, utility, and heavy construction projects because they offer quick assembly and disassembly when time is critical. Regal offers 8-pitch taps in taper and bottom taps up to four inches in diameter and 8-pitch plug taps up to eight inches to quickly and efficiently thread large-diameter pressure joints. Sizes up to 1 ½ inches include four or six flutes, while larger sizes incorporate six or more flutes. More flutes provides greater rigidity, equalizing the work performed by each cutting edge, keeping chips thinner and reducing wear on the taps.

10 Threads per Inch

ten pitch tap

Regal’s 10-pitch taps are used on heavy construction mining equipment, but their primary application is to thread through holes in sucker rod couplings and sinker bars for oil extraction equipment. These taps are specially designed to tap the couplings of the highly tensile materials required to join 20-foot or longer rods to each other and to piston pumping stations.
The deeper the well, the more rods that must be attached. Joint failure deep in a hole is not an option, and the ability to quickly couple these rods is crucial. Regal's 10-pitch taps are built for strength and durability. Plug, taper, and bottom tap styles are available in diameters ranging from 1 1/8 inch to 1 ¾ inch. 

12 Threads per Inch

twelve pitch tap

Maintenance on solar panel arrays, turbine blades, transmission towers, power plant equipment, and other large power generation assemblies requires special taps capable of both producing new threads and cleaning up already-formed internal threads. Regal’s 12-pitch taps make quick work of critical repairs, creating the tough thread structure required to secure large components to make them safe and productive. Regal’s line includes plug, taper, and bottom taps in diameters from 1 1/8 inch to 4” inch, and plug style to 6 inch.
 Large diameter taps are mainstays of the power industry. Regal’s engineers have developed taps specially designed to keep oil, gas, solar, wind, geothermal, and other energy exploration companies operational. With our large selection, Regal is sure to have what you need in stock, and our lightning-quick shipping will get you the right part at the right time. Contact us today.