New Technology Improves Quality & Efficiency of Regal Customer Service


WIth the addition of a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) Phone System, Regal Cutting Tools now easily directs incoming calls right to customer service representatives. Rather than wasting time on hold with an operator waiting to be transferred, all calls will now pass over the switchboard operator and ring on customer service phones directly. The new phone system allows customer service to meet the needs of customers at a quicker pace, and it drops the likelihood of representatives missing many incoming calls at the same time. When all representatives are on the phone, customers only wait a short amount of time in an automated queue. Customer service attentively watches for all incoming calls from customers to always meet their needs with the quicker pace of the new phone system. 

How it Works

Everyone on the customer service team can view the incoming calls on a large television screen that displays all calls and the availability of any person on the team. This allows customer service to be organized and remain on the lookout for customers in the queue. The system allows for any representative to change their status to available and bring in any queuing calls directly to their line. The screens help the team to visualize every call coming into the company phone, which helps the customer service team to better serve all customers in a faster and more efficient manner. The addition of this technology benefits the overall functionality of customer service at Regal Cutting Tools including:

  • Increased efficiency, with the ability to easily see any and all incoming calls to customer service representatives on a large display
  • Increased quality, giving any customer service representative the ability to identify and pick up calls directly to their line, allowing them to assist you in a quicker and more efficient manner. 
  • Increased organization, with the system delegating calls to the first open customer service representative, cutting your overall wait time. 

Regal Cutting Tools values all needs of its customers, and the company strives to meet their wishes in new ways with each passing day. The improvements of the VoIP Managed System shows the high importance of improving technology on Regal as a company, with continuing advancements for the future. The implementation of the VoIP phone system shows a great step to improving the quality and efficiency of the customer service portion of the company. The system brings greater organization to the customer service team, while unifying the team as a whole. Regal will continue to work on improving upon the phone system and other future projects in development to always better serve our customers.