Multi-Finish Micro Edge Preparation Process: Why Regal Does it, and Why We Do It For Free

A lot of things go into making metal cutting tools with long tool life and a smooth finish.  There’s the technology and innovation that goes into engineering them; the machinery and craftsmanship that goes into manufacturing them, and the know-how in making sure that the right cutting tool is matched for the right job.

There’s also the preparation process.  And that process alone can increase tool life by 20% or more.
Tap Multi-Finish Preperation
Various methods of preparing the cutting edges of tools have been used for years.  Regal’s current method, Multi-Finish micro edge preparation, includes the following to achieve optimal cutting edges before coating:

  1. First, tools are placed in collet holders
  2. Then they’re immersed in a special media
  3. Finally, they are rotated at a controlled speed for a fixed time.

This removes even the smallest of burrs from the cutting tool surface, making them more effective.  If a coating is to be applied, it also makes that process more effective.

Edge Prep Before & After

“We use a precise mixture of media which varies by diameter and pitch to control the fine radius and remove the burrs,” said Dick Hartnett, Vice President and General Manager at Regal.

In the past, this procedure was applied exclusively to carbide tools because of cost. But as we saw what a difference in productivity and cost savings it was making for our customers, we decided to extend the practice. 
High Efficiency Process, No Extra Cost for You
Regal has now made it a standard to use our preparation process on all taps 1” and smaller at no additional cost to our customers. This will provide:

  • A longer tool life (20% or more)
  • A smoother finish of the threads produced
  • The ideal surface condition prior to coating

We have chosen to use this process on all of our taps 1” and below and absorb the additional expense because we are committed to delivering ways to produce measured gains in tool life and improved part finish.  It’s an expense for us, but we view it as more of an investment.

“We now offer the prep process at no additional cost for these taps because we know it will develop repeat customers as they compare the total cost of ownership,” said Hartnett.

For metal cutting tool users, it means overall lower costs and more productivity.

For our distributors, it means they can sell a product they have complete confidence in.

It’s a winning combination, and that’s what we want for everyone who does business with us.  To browse our complete selection of taps treated with the Multi-Finish micro edge preparation process, visit our taps section. To request a quote on our taps with Multi-Finish micro edge perparation process, fill out this form