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National Twist Drill & New York Twist Drill

Over 30 years ago, Regal Cutting Tools consolidated the assets and skills of two highly respected Twist Drill companies, National Twist Drill and New York Twist Drill.

National Twist Drill was located in Michigan and closely aligned with the automotive industry. National had a history of supplying specific drills commonly used for production drilling. These products included Crankshaft Drills for coolant holes in crankshafts, Body Drills for assembly and Vent Drills for tire molds.

New York Twist Drills has always been closely tied to the aircraft and aerospace industries. Drivematic and Spacematic combined drill countersink drills are the standard for body and wing assembly in aircraft manufacturing. Adapter and Nutplate drills, often used by hand, continue to be the most efficient method for accurate drilling aluminum aircraft parts. New York Twist Drill also offers railroad drills used in the tough applications for maintenance of way.

Twist Drills

Years of experience make us the experts when you are looking for help in finding the best drill for your production needs.  We have designed tools used in the Orion space capsule, made from our PMX particle metal that outperform expensive carbide drills. Whether designing multi-diameter piloted core drills, or long length small diameter tools for difficult materials, special application drills are our heritage.

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