ISO 9001:2008 No Cutting Corners at Regal Cutting Tools

Regal Cutting Tools once again has demonstrated its unending commitment to customer service and engineering excellence by passing its renewal audit for ISO 9001:2008 certification. 

What Is ISO 9001-2008?

ISO 9001-2008 is an objective framework that evaluates a business’s ability to continually improve its management processes, product engineering and delivery, and customer service. It can be applied to businesses in any industry – not only cutting tool manufacturing – and across all of an organization’s activities. Companies that achieve certification can maintain it only by proving its compliance through an external audit.


To earn and keep ISO 9001 certification, a company’s Quality Management System must include five major components:

  1.  A system aimed at identifying, building, implementing, and running management and manufacturing processes that lend themselves to effectiveness and improvement.
  2. A program that demonstrates executive management’s leadership in and commitment to continuous improvement of management systems.
  3. A control process that identifies, procures, and controls the resources the company needs to efficiently operate and manage its quality systems and meet customer needs.
  4. A production-control operation that ensures quality in product and service design, manufacturing, and delivery.
  5. A quality control routine that measures and analyzes consistent production and management processes, and identifies areas for improvement.


Regal’s Dedication to ISO Standards

In its efforts to remain one of the premier cutting tool manufacturers in the country, Regal takes its ability to conform to stringent ISO 9001-2008 standards seriously. Regal uses the ISO guidelines to ensure:

  • Consistent product quality and specifications.
  • Comprehensive training regimens for its skilled employees.
  • Solutions-focused customer service.

The latest renewal ensures Regal is ISO registered through 2017.
Regal has maintained its certification for all these years by developing synergy among management, employees, and processes to create an input-analyze-improve-repeat process that involves all aspects of our operation. Company executives demonstrate and articulate a sense of purpose throughout the organization. Employees are encouraged to take stock in the company’s objectives by providing front-line insights into how the processes and results of one operation effect the resource availability, work flow, and efficiency of other operations. With an eye toward boosting productivity, Regal uses this feedback to systematize management and manufacturing.

Customer Benefits

While renewing our ISO 9001:2008 certification will aid Regal in improving process integration, employee engagement, and strategic decision making, the real benefits happen to our customers. By using ISO’s Quality Management System, Regal employs a system of continually monitoring its production and product quality, as well as collecting, analyzing, and acting upon customer feedback. This leads to streamlined processes and lower costs, which we pass along for our customers. Knowing Regal takes customer feedback seriously and responds to their evolving needs gives our clients the confidence to entrust us with many of their cutting tool needs, in turn streamlining their own supply chain and cutting their costs.
In addition, companies that conform to ISO standards bring positive outcomes for society in general. For instance, ISO-certified companies adhere to international standards that minimize air and water pollution, soil erosion, noxious gas emissions, and energy consumption during production and distribution activities.

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