Does Social Media Matter?

In the industrial market place, it is a struggle to decide the appropriate amount of time and effort that should be spent in the social media environment. Regal Cutting Tools wants to better our business by figuring out the answer to this struggle, with your help!

With customer service as a top priority, we are striving to implement a social media program that will be responsive and resourceful to our customers.

Our team would greatly appreciate any input or suggestions on the following:

  • Are tweets effective in arousing interest for a specific product?
  • Other than connecting to people in your industry or finding a job does LinkedIn benefit your company?
  • Can Google+ help in developing a product promotion?
  • Does joining and contributing into online groups in your field create a means of enhancing your company’s image?
  • How do you measure the usefulness of social media efforts?
  • Has your company had success and/or issues with its social media campaigns?

We value any responses that could be provided in order to better your experience with Regal Cutting Tools. All responses will be answered in a timely manner. Please send us your thoughts