Celebrate SuperTuf Tuesday With Regal Cutting Tools

Every Tuesday our SuperTuf sales team will offer special discounts and performance guarantees for our distributors on SuperTuf standard and special taps.
Our material specific high performance line of taps is designed to perform in the toughest applications whether it be: 

  • Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Nickel Alloys 
  • Difficult to Machine Materials
  • Aluminum
Tell us about your tough tapping job, and we will recommend the right tool to provide long life, and the most cost effective means of producing the parts you need.
Manufactured in Roscoe Illinois, Regal’s engineers can design custom taps for your special needs. Historically our plant has manufactured and shipped special taps in less time than it takes competition to process orders.  We now apply that skill to material specific SuperTuf Taps.
Come celebrate the savings on SuperTuf Tuesdays with the Regal Crew up until Labor Day 2014!