Brrrrrr! Regal Delivers Despite -44° Wind Chills

The weather outside was frightful, or so the song goes.

January 6th, 2014 was a record setter for the Northern Illinois region. The high
temperature for the day was -7° at midnight. By noon the temperature had
dropped to -11° and the low temperature for the day was a whopping -18°. Winds
ranged from 16-26 miles per hour with gusts up to 31 mph, creating dangerous
wind chill effects of 44° below zero. It was cold.

Schools, courthouses and other government services closed for the day. But one
company kept going.

Every single Regal Cutting Tools employee made it to work that day. Our Roscoe
facility shipped over 150 orders totaling more than 1,400 items to our customers.
We wanted to make sure we met our delivery promises, especially for our new
line of SuperTuf taps.

We at Regal Cutting Tools understand that our customers rely on our tools every
day. We relish the opportunity to meet the challenges set before us, no matter
what. Though, we are looking forward to warmer days. Much warmer days. (Can
you blame us?)