24 – Tap Manufacturing Turn Around in Less than a Day

"Twenty Four” is not a day in the life of Jack Bauer, but a process our customers have come to rely on.

24- Hour shipment logo

Whether the need is for a machine repair, the development of a prototype, or to keep production running, right now someone is calling Regal Cutting Tools to provide the special or custom tap required to meet their emergency need.

Whether you need a .065 diameter with 100 threads per inch so an optical device can be repaired or   rethreading a coupling on a mining machine to assemble a 6 inch in diameter 12 pitch shaft, Regal is here to help at all hours.

Engineers Are Ready for Your Custom Orders

These are all in a day’s work for the men and women who carefully take the order, develop manufacturing prints, schedule production and actually make the tools. They also insure that these products are made to customer specifications, marked and packaged correctly and shipped urgently to where the taps are needed.

Over our sixty year history of providing this unique service, Regal has incorporated improvements in both the product and the process. Our latest innovation is Multi-Finish Micro Edge Preparation, implemented on all tools up to 1” in diameter, including all that carry the 24-hour shipment icon. This process removes the smallest burrs to insure 20% greater tool life and produces a fine finish on the threads.


To learn more about Regal’s 24 hour special taps and the taps available in this program please visit our special taps section.