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Regal Reaches Into Untapped Territory For Expansion Of Offering

Regal has moved into untapped territory with our offerings. With these additions, our customers will be able to use our taps for various applications that were previously unavailable with our extension tap line. Learn about the new additions to our line and how we are looking to extend even further into untapped territory.

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Why Does Micro Finish Edge Preparation Increase Tap Life by 30-50% Or More?

Proper edge preparation is different from other cutting tools. Regal uses a method that is closely controlled to ensure consistency. The micro finish edge preparation process allows for a close control and consistency. For all taps up to one inch in diameter, Regal's engineers have selected this precise process that is suitable for intricate cutting angles of thread forms. By going through the micro-finish, not once but twice, we ensure that our customers get the finest taps and extended tool life.

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Fast Accurate And Convenient—Regal’s Commitment To Improving User Experience

Regal's expertise lies in manufacturing high-end cutting tools for our customers but we are also committed to providing our customers and distributors with a user-friendly online experience. Our goal is to provide our website users with relevant product information and solutions as quickly and easily as possible. Learn how we've committed to upgrading our site, servers, and fiber-optic lines to make site navigation and ordering easier than ever before.

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In the Auto Industry, Regal Cutting Tools is King of the Road

Regal has achieved technical advances in metallurgy and design to better serve the automotive industry. Learn more about where the auto industry is going and how Regal is here to help with the forecasted growth. 

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Speeds and Feeds

Correct Speeds and Feeds Maximize Quality and Tool Life

Learn how to determine the proper cutting speeds and feed rates to achieve the most efficient operation based on the hardness and diameter of the material being manipulated.

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